Southeast Division
The Magnificent Seven

Jerry L. Holt

National Vice Commandant, Southeast Division

Jerry Holt served in the Marine Corps from 1962 – 1966. After completing Boot Camp in San Diego, he attended Basic Electronics and Radio Repair School. After completing school, he remained as a classroom instructor, then later supervised a radio repair shop at the helicopter facility in Santa Ana, CA, and later at MCAS El Toro.

After leaving the Corps as a Sergeant, he had a 30-year career with IBM Corporation. Utilizing GI-Bill benefits, he received a BS degree from Indiana University and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. He is actively involved in community activities. While living in New Jersey, he served twelve years on a municipal council and three year as mayor.

He currently serves as a Detachment Commandant and as Past Commandant of the Department of South Carolina. He also serves as a member of the American Legion Honor Guard, is an active member in the American Legion Riders, and is Treasurer and Board Member of his local United Way. He has been a League member since 2012.

Ronnie Broussard

Ronnie Broussard

Assistant National Vice Commandant, Southeast Division

Ronnie Broussard served in the Marine Corps from 1970 – 1976. After completing Boot Camp and Infantry Training in San Diego, he returned to his USMC Reserve Unit to be trained as a Military Policeman and Public Affairs NCO. He has had several in-depth articles published in local newspapers and Marine Corps periodicals.

After leaving the Corps, he began a 35-year career as a self-employed insurance and investment professional, receiving many industry awards. He donates hundreds of hours each year, at no compensation, to help senior citizens and the disabled obtain their Medicare benefits and drug coverage, as well as Social Security Income and Disability Benefits. He is actively involved in many community organizations and activities.

He has been an MCL Member since 2015. He has served as Detachment Commandant (2 terms) and Department Commandant (3 terms). He is a past Detachment MOY, Department MOY, and a Distinguished Citizen Gold Recipient. He is also a Legion of Merit Recipient from the Chapel of the Four Chaplains. He instituted communications protocol that ensures all Detachments Officers throughout the Department are aware of any Department functions, notifications, fallen Marines, fund raisers, etc. He established Activity Logs for Detachments to detail all activities they participate in to create a legacy for their unit. He has also been instrumental in instituting electronic transmittals.

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Why Join the League

Marines have always been looked up to as leading the assault. Recent violent weather in the South Eastern United States with some 151 tornados hitting the ground has brought the Marines forward once again, in helping their neighbors.

Southern states, such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia suffered huge losses in both life and property this during the week of April 26th. The latest report is that there are over 341 situations in which people lost their lives. The majority of these occurred in Alabama. Marines are helping in taking action to work with their local disaster relief organizations to search and recovery and support for others doing the same thing, currently. A good example of Marines working to help their neighbors is one individual by the name of Carl Jones in Birmingham, Alabama. After the storms, he immediately mobilized a bunch of his friends and began reaching out to neighborhoods in both Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, two of the hardest hit areas in the state. They started by contacting other Marines in the hard hit areas to find out who needed immediate help with their situations. Communications were tough, but Carl found a way to keep in touch with those working out in the field to gather information and pass it along to others who are in a position to help. One person his friends came in contact with had lost literally everything, including his car and his house. There was another person who lost everything, with a pregnant wife about to deliver twins. In these situations and many more, Carl Jones began making arrangements for delivery of goods to help these people out, set up donation focal point for distribution of goods, contact veteran support groups. Support has come from Marines in the state of Alabama, but also from neighboring states and places as far away as California. He has begun co-coordinating support organizations to assist with temporary housing and clothing. Carl Jones is a former two terms Marine Corps League Detachment Commandant in Birmingham, and is effectively using this line of communication through the Department of Alabama Commandant. In turn, National Vice Commandant for the South Eastern Division of the Marine Corps, Dave Gardner, is opening more and more lines of communication to assist those in need in the states hardest hit by this disaster.

More information will be forthcoming as received. Please pray for those hardest hit in this major weather event, and keep your ears open for any way the Marines can help in your area.