If you are a member of the Military Order of the Devil Dogs, you know what it means to be a Devil Dog and a good bit about the Order. But what about those who are yet to be invited to become a member of the Order?

The Military Order of the Devil Dogs is the FUN and HONOR Society of the Marine Corps League. Why HONOR? If members of each Pound are good judges of their members, only those Marines who have proven themselves to be active and productive members of their Detachment and the League are considered as candidates for invitation to join. We would hope that each Marine in your Detachment and Department that you see wearing the dog collar, dog tag and the Devil Dog emblems will be judged as one of the people is “pulling the wagon.” A good percentage of those who attend or lead activities at all levels should be Devil Dogs because they have been recognized as doing those things.

Why must a Marine have been an active member of the League, or have returned to the League, for not less than one year before the Marine can be considered for a membership invitation? Simple, that is enough time to demonstrate a sustained activity level, be it high or low. The same reasoning applies for degree advancement. Again, not less than a year of sustained high activity level must be demonstrated at each degree level to merit advancement.

A Growl is when the member of the Military Order of the Devil Dogs gather. That is where much of the fun come in. What is happening in a Growl that is so much fun? That is some of the things that you learn when you become a member.

It is an honor to be the Vice Chief Devil Dog for our Southeast Division just as it is a honor to be a Devil Dog. I want to visit many of the Pack Growls and I am available to provide any possible assistance to Pack, Pounds, and Dogs.

PDD A. B. Grantham 09-122,
VCDD, Southeast Division,
Bulldog Pound 184, Alabama Pack
1240 Palmetto Ct.,
Mobile, AL 36695;


Active Duty Awards:

National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign, Combat Action, Republic of Vietnam Civil Action Citation, Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Presidential Unit Citation, and Purple Heart (Not in order of precedence).